There’s a better life out there

By coming together and donating our time, we can up-skill communities around the world to become self-sufficient, reducing their dependence on donations.

The Ideal Life Project

We all have the ability. We just need the opportunity.

The Ideal Life Project’s goal is to build a global community of professionals that come together to help provide Structure, Education, Support and Sustainability to people in need by donating their time & skills.

If you run a charity or if you’re someone who is doing amazing things but needs professional help and skills for their project, get in touch. Our community is here and ready to offer our services, skills and expertise for ‘free’, meaning you can save valuable funds raised to invest where it’s absolutely necessary.

You don’t have to go it alone…

Request Support For Your Project

  • Are you trying to help people but lack funding or skills?
  • Do you need help from skilled professionals or businesses?
  • Could a wider reach help your charity or project to gain more donations?

Donate Your Skills & Support

  • Can you donate an hour of your time & skills online?
  • Do you want to help a charity or a meaningful project?
  • Could you share your knowledge and be a mentor?

Join The Ideal Life Community. Come Together. Support Each Other.

Technology and sustainability can help the world become a better place. We don’t always need money to make a difference. Access to the internet will provide people in rural communities the ability to access education and earn a living that is otherwise unattainable. By donating your time and helping upskill communities and people by sharing your knowledge and professional skills you can make a lasting difference.

Globally, 264 million+ children do not have access to any education.

3.6 billion people do not have access to the internet (47% of the world’s total population)

940 million+ people still do not have access to electricity worldwide!

Globally, It is estimated that the charity sector has lost at least £4.5 billion in income as an immediate consequence of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education in history, affecting 1.6 billion learners.

Disadvantaged countries have the lowest levels of digital literacy, we want to be the change!

Connect with people in need or donate your time and skills to help more people share an ideal life.

Connect with our team today and join the global Ideal Life Project.

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