3 Steps to Promoting Your Non-Profit Organisation

Steps to Promoting Your Non-Profit Organisation

There are a lot of non-profits out there but not all of them have reached their potential. Just getting a grass roots organisation off the ground is work enough, but maintaining it in the face of a lack of funds and willing volunteers can be pretty much impossible. This is where promotion is key. It can bring in the funds you need and the people who make your organisation tick. Here are 3 simple, but key ways of promoting your non-profit in 2022.

Set Goals and Stick to Them

Knowing what you want for your non-profit’s future is the first step towards a successful advertising strategy. Gathering the best and brightest of your team and setting down clear and, crucially, measurable goals is very important. Say your social media following is struggling – setting a goal of doubling the number of followers you have over the next 6 months is an example of a clear and measurable goal that will promote your non-profit to potential donors and volunteers. Clear goals are the foundation you need to build your non-profit upon. 

Build Partnerships With the Right People

There are resources all around you that you might not necessarily think of when it comes to promoting your non-profit. Depending on where your organisation is located, your local radio station could be a great way of connecting with donors and volunteers. Approaching your local station for a shout out is always worth a shot. Another often untapped resource are local businesses. Could you host a fundraising night with your local restaurant? A successful well attended fundraiser can bring in the cash for your non-profit and positive representation for the restaurant. Reaching out to social media influencers is another option. Notice an influencer who has already donated their time to a similar non-profit? Approach them to see if they’ll do the same for you.

Advertise Shamelessly

Digital and physical advertising is key to recruiting volunteers and securing donations. Major social media players like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are no longer optional when it comes to promoting your non-profit, they’re vital. Regular updates and posts about how your non-profit is benefitting society at large as well as local communities allow potential donors and volunteers to see what happens behind the scenes, and how they can help. Google ads are another excellent resource for non-profits everywhere. Google actually allows qualifying non-profits to advertise with them at no cost, allowing you to promote your vision and initiatives for free! And don’t forget physical marketing.Yes it’s old fashioned but it’s still a cheap and worthwhile tool at your disposal. The digital realm is a busy one and your non-profit could easily get lost in the chaos. A well placed newsletter has more impact than you might think.