Engage Your Local Community with Your Non-Profit or Charity

Engage Your Local Community with Your Non-Profit or Charity

No matter what your organisation does,it doesn’t exist in a bubble. Volunteers and donors often come from your local community and being relevant and engaged with those around you can have surprising benefits for your charity or non-profit. We are all driven to help a cause that could benefit those around us the most that little bit more, after all. Here are some ways you can help engage your local community in what you do.

Be a Leader in Your Community

The vision and purpose of your charity or non-profit is naturally what drives you to do what you do. But leading your organisation also means you take on the role of a local community leader, which is not always how leaders of non-profits and charities may feel about themselves. You have a voice for the broader community and with the right promotion have more influence that you think. Get involved and promote your non-profit or charity and speak up for other causes around you.

Make It Clear How Much You Appreciate Your Volunteers and Donors

This seems like a no-brainer but non-profits and charities sometimes forget to thank the very people that make their organisation tick. If you want local people to donate their time and money to your cause, it’s important to consistently praise the help you have already received. It is human nature to want to feel fulfilled and appreciated for our efforts. Loud and proud is the name of the game when it comes to thanking your volunteers and donors.

Participate In Local Events

Festival and community events are the perfect place to get to know your local community more, and raise awareness about your charity or non-profit. Even if it’s just a case of turning up and speaking with your neighbours about what you do, it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Plus it’s free and often fun! You and your volunteers are the face of your organisation and the more your local community sees you involved with positive local events, the better chance you have of securing those all important donations and volunteers.

If You Have the Space, Share It

Have an area of your office that doesn’t get used that often, or not at all during non-office hours? Offering up this space to other local organisations hosting events is a great way of helping other organisations while also promoting your own charity or non-profit. They do the leg work in terms of promotion, but you reap all the valuable promotional benefits.