How to Attract New Donors for Your Charity

How to Attract New Donors for Your Charity

Wondering how to attract new donors for your charity? With millions of non-profit organisations in the world, it is a constant struggle to acquire new donations. Regardless of your mission, attracting new donors is crucial to keep providing quality services and sustain the families and people under the programs.

Fundraising may provide the supplemental funds that your group needs but the process is not the easiest. Aside from the challenges, it takes commitment and effort to find donors for non-profit.

For that, here are 8 proven ways to capture new supporters with generous hearts.

1. Online Fundraising

In today’s challenging times, hosting virtual fundraising events is the ultimate answer to travel and social distancing protocols. Online gatherings are not only convenient for potential donors who only need their mobile device and Internet connection but also cost-effective because rental and other related fees are eliminated.

2. The Power Of Social Media

Advertise your purpose and mission through various social media platforms. Post snippets of your stories, photos, and engage with your followers. Let them know what’s happening about your organisation; post testimonials, past and loyal donors.

3. Connect Through Imagery

The use of powerful images helps donors understand the impact of their gifts. Pictures are worth a thousand words and can make a big difference in your fundraising goals. Show compelling photos to tell stories and how new donors can help you make a real change.

4. Build Your Online Presence

Regardless of your organisation type, the Internet plays an essential role in retaining and acquiring new donors. Create a professionally-designed website where the mission statement can be easily accessed. Doing so will give donors the confidence that their gifts will be put to good use.

Utilise various online platforms to search for unique and effective ways to meet new donors while taking care of the existing ones. Incorporate your social media accounts and information on your website so supporters can conveniently get in touch.

5. Improve Donation Levels

Consider changing donation levels if you want to secure more donors. Also, it is worth publishing your donation tiers on your website so visitors can see how much money they can give to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Instead of inquiring, readily available information makes the donation process faster and easier.

6. Change Funding Model

Money is always a challenge when running a non-profit organisation. When funds are scarce, programs will be discontinued or will not be launched. So, improve your funding models and share them with your existing and new donors for a possibility of a change in the amount of donation they provide.

7. Target Marketing

A better understanding of your donors will help you connect with them in a more relevant and impactful way. Knowing what their likes, communication preferences, goals, and passion will guide you on how to let them continuously support and increase their donations for you.

8. Show Your Impact

Create videos and upload photos of volunteer works or programs that your group has organised to find donors for non-profit and urge more donations. Highlight events that will capture the heart of donors at the same time showing them how exactly the donations are used.

Stand out and attract donors today!

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