How to Make a Nonprofit Instagram Account

How to Make a Nonprofit Instagram Account

Social media is a powerful tool that has opened up a world of opportunities for both businesses and nonprofits to reach millions of people easily and cost-effectively. Amidst the array of platforms available, Instagram leads the way as a tool that nonprofits can use to share their mission and cause, advocate for support, attract nonprofit donors and advertise online volunteer opportunities.

Tell your story, share your success and watch the donations roll in by creating an effective Instagram page that not only helps to raise funds but also gets your message to your target audience. 

Read on as we tell you how to make a nonprofit Instagram account that can make an impact, increase followers, and create higher engagement and exposure. 

Create a Business Profile 

First things first, create an ‘Instagram Business’ profile as opposed to a personal page. This will help with building credibility and trust, which can help with finding individual donors while connecting your nonprofit with people looking to find charity work. Be sure to add ‘nonprofit organisation’ on your bio so that visitors to your page can easily figure out what your account stands for. 

After creating a business profile, add a contact number, website and e-mail to your Instagram account so that potential donors and volunteers can easily connect with you. 

Maximise Your Bio and Profile Photo

Use your Instagram bio and profile picture to make a good first impression. An eye-catching profile picture like a photograph or your nonprofit organisation’s logo will help your followers visually connect with your brand. 

Instagram only allows 150 characters on the bio, so make it count by writing a compelling and interesting description. Try to include a call to action that can catch the attention of the follower. The bio is also a great space to share links to ongoing projects and fundraisers.

Connect Instagram with Facebook Business Manager

Connecting your nonprofit Instagram page with its Facebook page will allow you to access many invaluable insights while enabling you to run ads on both platforms simultaneously. This can help you reach a larger audience on different platforms easily and cost-effectively. 

Post Engaging Content

The content that is shared on Instagram must inspire and engage your audience. Sharing an array of videos, photos, infographics, carousel posts and reels will help to increase your organic reach. Some shareable quality content includes photos of your ongoing programs, success stories, volunteer and sponsor features, guides on how to sponsor and donate, along with past and ongoing events & fundraisers.

Schedule Posts 

A nonprofit has limited resources and volunteers, therefore it’s important to save time where possible. Scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time will allow your volunteers to optimise their precious time to engage in other activities such as responding to direct messages, replying to post comments, brainstorming new content, connecting with other nonprofits and corresponding with donors. 

Utilise All the Donation Features

Instagram currently has several effective features that help nonprofits to grow, reach out to sponsors, and raise funding. The ‘Instagram Charitable Giving Tools’ allows you to:

  • Add ‘donate’ buttons to live streams 
  • Add an easily accessible ‘donate’ button to your profile 
  • Allow and encourage followers to create Feed Fundraisers