How to Partner with a Nonprofit Organisation

How to Partner with a Nonprofit Organisation

A transparent and effective partnership can mutually benefit both a business and a nonprofit organisation. Charities and nonprofits which solely operate on donations and sponsorship are always open to partnerships that help them achieve their mission and vision. For-profit businesses will gain the rewarding experience of ‘giving back’ while adding to the success of the company through brand recognition and reputation. 

Keep reading as we dive into detail on the benefits of partnerships for both businesses and nonprofits.

Why Should a Business Partner With a Nonprofit Organisation?

  • Boosting morale: giving back to those in need can help your company and its employees feel a sense of happiness and positivity that comes from being a part of a good cause. 
  • Brand recognition: partnering up with a nonprofit organisation that has built credibility and trust over the years will help your company build a reputation for integrity and accountability. 
  • Media coverage: when aiding nonprofits with their charitable causes, your company branding will be visible on several collateral materials from tickets and posters, creating more brand awareness for your business. 
  • Opportunities for learning and growth: employees volunteering at nonprofits will encounter problems and obstacles that they may not face when working at a for-profit. This ‌helps them hone their problem-solving skills while  learning and adapting. 

Why Should a Nonprofit Organisation Partner With a Business?

  • To raise more funds: the most important reason nonprofits partner with a business is to increase their funding by connecting with nonprofit donors and individuals looking to find a charity online to donate to. Businesses can help get a nonprofit organisation’s mission and story across to a large audience through events and gatherings. This will help create more awareness, which attracts more donors. 
  • Expand the donor database: nonprofits get the chance to expand their nonprofit donor search efforts through the networking opportunities presented to them by businesses. Nonprofits can generate more funding by liaising with corporations, governments, industry professionals, and celebrities. 
  • Attracting volunteers and employees: Partnering with a business means that a nonprofit has access to their platforms and networks to advertise online volunteer opportunities and recruit skilled individuals. 

How to Partner With a Nonprofit Organisation

Employee Volunteer Programs 

This could be both a rewarding and learning experience for your employees. Individuals can help nonprofits by getting as involved as they wish. From raising funds online to hands-on work to legal aid, employee volunteer programs are a great way to partner with a nonprofit. 

Fundraisers and Charity Events 

Support nonprofits by hosting charity events and fundraisers, which will help generate funding for ongoing programs. 

Event Sponsorships 

Nonprofit organisations host several events over the year to raise funds. One of the best ways to partner with a nonprofit is to be an event sponsor by making a sizeable donation to their cause. In return, they would promote your company name and logo on their marketing material.

Cause-related Marketing

Connecting your business products with a nonprofit cause is an effective way to raise funds while marketing your product or service. I.e. Donating a percentage of your profits from every sale made.