How to Raise Awareness for a Non Profit

How to Raise Awareness for a Non Profit?

Raising awareness for a nonprofit organisation is never easy. Even if you’re conducting many helpful programs that benefit communities, getting the public and media attention it deserves can be difficult. Raising awareness for your non profit is essential as it helps attract new donors, volunteers and sponsors. If you’re running a charity and wondering how to raise awareness for a nonprofit, keep reading! 

How to Raise Awareness for a Non Profit: Make Maximum Use of Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools available to the non profit sector. Do you have an old Twitter or LinkedIn account gathering dust? A Facebook page with no updates in two years? It’s time to utilise these pages and get active on social media. The best thing about social media is that it doesn’t require a significant time commitment to share valuable and insightful content with your subscribers and followers about what’s happening in your non-profit. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are also great channels to advertise volunteering opportunities and possibly find a donor.

Get the Best Out of Your Website

There’s no doubt that if you’re a non-profit organisation, you must have a website. But are you getting the best out of it? If you don’t run a blog or post quality content on your website, you’re passing up opportunities for creating brand awareness. A website is one of the most effective avenues for increasing awareness and recognition of your charity, its mission, and its impact. By writing blogs in your area of expertise, you can continue to promote your non profit while keeping your follower base engaged with creatively crafted information and ideas. Content creation increases your SEO profile and generates more traffic while it can also be cross-posted on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, further promoting awareness of your non profit.

Host a Booth at a Community Event

Engaging directly and seeing community members in person is vital for raising awareness about your non-profit. Events and gatherings are great places to connect with potential skill donors, sponsors and volunteers.  It’s important to remember that individuals are more inclined to respond to a friendly face than to an email asking for donations.

In Conclusion

An awareness campaign for a non-profit is intended to raise awareness of the organisation and its purpose. In contrast to fundraising efforts or volunteer recruitment, which may be easily monitored, “awareness” is not as easy to quantify. While that is true, it’s still vital to raise exposure for your non-profit. After all, how can people support your non-profit with cash or volunteer hours if they are unaware of it? 

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