How to Write a Mission Statement for a Non Profit?

How to Write a Mission Statement for a Non Profit?

How to Write a Mission Statement for a Non Profit? A powerful mission statement is the foundation of a successful non profit as it helps to create, shape and lay down the values and objectives of an organisation. 

A clear and concise mission statement will let your stakeholders and beneficiaries know the purpose of your organisation, who it serves, and what it does. It helps build the reputation of your nonprofit as credible and trustworthy. This makes it easier to find a donor, connect with individuals looking to find a charity, and attract employees for remote volunteer opportunities while helping you expand your charity donor database. 

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to write a mission statement for a nonprofit. 

Keep It Clear and Concise 

A mission statement should be short, clear and focused on precisely explaining what your non profit does. Be sure to use easy-to-understand language and avoid complex vocabulary, jargon, and buzzwords. 

Encourage Participation

Gather key stakeholders such as trustees, employees and volunteers and get them involved in creating the mission statement. Getting input from a diverse group helps collect different perspectives and experiences, which will be invaluable in crafting a clear mission statement. 


Collective brainstorming can help narrow down the key information that should be included in a non profit mission statement. Try not to limit your statement to only what your organisation is currently involved in. Think long-term and set future objectives and goals you hope to achieve. 

Don’t Rush The Process 

A mission statement shouldn’t be compiled in haste. Take time to develop and create a mission statement that adds value to your nonprofit organisation. Collect information, write drafts, and gather feedback from your employees, volunteers, and board members. The final mission statement should be crafted based on the insights and feedback received.

Hire a Professional Writer 

As non profits have limited funding, it may be challenging to hire a professional writer. Therefore, if there is surplus funding, ‌hire a professional to craft a mission statement that will be both powerful and inspirational. 

Regularly Review 

Once you have a non profit mission statement completed, it is essential to review it frequently in order to ensure that it is up to date. Regularly reviewing a mission statement helps to make sure that it accurately reflects the vision of your charity and aligns with the cause and core values of your non profit organisation.