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We want to make the Ideal Life Project journey as easy as possible for everyone involved! 

If you’re looking for help from The Ideal Life Project for your charity or organisation or if you’re in a position where you have time available in your day that you want to put to good use to make a difference to others, then read on. This page covers some of the general questions people ask us about the Ideal Life Project. If for any reason you have questions about the project or how to get involved that are not covered below, you can contact our team via email or message us on social media.


The Ideal Life Project donor and charity FAQ

What is The Ideal Life’s long term mission?

The Ideal Life Project is a community that sets out to give people from developing countries, communities and local heroes, who are right on our doorsteps and further afar, the help and support from our network to provide structure, education, training, and guidance with their projects.


How can the Ideal Life Project help your charity, project or community?

The Ideal Life Project connects charities and people in need with skilled professionals and teams who are willing to donate their time for free. Any charity, person or organisation can sign up to the Ideal Life Project no matter how big or small, or where in the world you’re located.


Is there a cost to getting help from the Ideal Life Project?

There is no cost to getting support from the Ideal Life Project, our donors guarantee that work they offer will not be charged. However, please note, this does not guarantee that services come without any cost if there are genuine expenses that have to be covered. This will vary depending on the requirements, requests and what you require support/help and training with.


Will I definitely be able to get help from the Ideal Life Project?

We will do our best to help you with your project, however our ability to do this is based on donors availability and us matching your requirements with skills available on our database. We’re signing up new donors and organisations daily and we’ll do our best to assist as many organisations and people as possible.


Who can volunteer? 

You can volunteer from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. There are some legal bits here you should read to ensure you fit the bill… we cannot wait to meet you!


If I donate my time and skills can I get paid for the work I do?

If you are signing up to donate your time and skills to a charity or organisation through the Ideal Life Project you will need to agree to carry out this work without charge. Upon signing up you agree to our terms of business which state that you agree not to facilitate paid work from the charities. Our company ethos is to help charities eliminate the need to pay for labour so funds they raise can do directly to the cause they support.


Can I put the work I do for the Ideal Life Project on my CV?

Yes you can and we think it is a great way for you to make use of your time to develop your CV and show that you’re interested in ethical work that makes a difference to our global community. We encourage anyone who finds themself in a position where they have time in their day that they can put to good use. Employers will always see the benefit of working with someone who is proactive with their personal time.


How long does it take to be partnered with a charity? 

From sign up to being partnered can take 2-3 weeks. We need to ensure that your skill set is going to be put to best use, so don’t worry – this is not going to happen overnight and you can always amend the time you give per week if you need to along the way.


What kind of charities does the Ideal Life project partner with?

We partner with charities from a variety of different sectors. These vary from education to health, environmental to animal.


How do you match me to a charity in need?

Our talented behind-the-scenes team looks closely at your skills, the time you wish to donate and then goes on to match these with the needs of the project they see best fit.


Will I be guided through the process?

Of course- you don’t have to go this alone! We will partner you with a mentor, whether you are an individual donating time, or a charity needing a helping hand. We want to make this process as easy for you, and as impactful as possible for each charity.


Will Covid-19 affect how The Ideal Life Project operates?

The devastating financial impact of covid-19 has left around 40% of charities and community groups in a worsening financial situation. One in 10 believe they will be forced to close within a year. This is why we have established a project which does not rely on financial support.

Since COVID-19 hit, a number of projects we’ve been working on have been badly affected, hence the creation of this new charity initiative whereby we support with technical infrastructure and sustainable business development. If you have a project that needs help, or if you’re in a position to help someone else we would love to connect with you.


Why do we believe in what we do?

Over the last few years, we’ve been involved with a number of projects including working with Rainforest Rescue in Sri Lanka, where we helped to raise awareness and fundraising, planting trees to create a rainforest corridor in South Sri Lanka. We need to keep on connecting with people in need, and donating time and skills to help more people share an ideal life.


What happens if I can no longer donate my time due to personal reasons? 

This is no problem at all, we understand that situations can change. If you have any concerns, or further questions – please email us at to discuss further.


What if I am having any issues at all with anything throughout the Ideal Life Project Journey? 

Please do not be afraid to contact us directly (see the contact us page) with any feedback or problems you may face along the way. We hope this journey is going to be easy and nothing but positive, we are here to help!