Ideal Life Project Founder – Ram Tumuluri

The team at the Ideal Life Project would like to thank the Founder Ram Tumuluri for making what we do possible. From the concept inception to the strategy and ethos behind the project, Ram and his wife Sonya have been instrumental in driving the project forward and helping the charities we support save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be lost paying out for costs that can be provided for free.

Ram Tumuluri

“The Ideal Life Project sets out to use upskilling and education to help charities, people and communities improve their lives by coming together and supporting each other. Billions of dollars are wasted every year by charities who have to pay for expensive advertising and services that they could achieve by streamlining their operations and growing their professional networks.

The money that is raised by donors or events is then lost and doesn’t reach the people or communities in need. This needs to change. We live in a world where technology connects over 80% of the population so why aren’t more charities taking advantage of this? The reason is largely down to their limited experience with digital media and communication systems.

The Ideal Life Project flips fundraising on its head, connecting charities with people who are prepared and happy to donate their time and skills. This means that the budgets charities have previously allocated to running fundraising campaigns or paying for staff can instead be invested into the hands of those who need it most.”

Ram Tumuluri, Ideal Life Project, Founder.

About Mr. Ram Tumuluri

Born and raised in India,  now located in Europe, Mr. Tumuluri has seen first-hand how education, experience, and communities working together can change people’s lives for the better.

Graduating in Business Management and International Finance, Ram Tumuluri’s early career was in Hospitality for the Marriott Hotel Group where he worked in various leadership roles. With an entrepreneurial drive, he soon began a business investing and managing hotels in Canada and India.

Mr. Tumuluri then moved his focus to investments and businesses with development and social goals at their cores with projects across sectors and markets including energy, water, healthcare, mining, real estate, business brokering, merger, acquisition, and philanthropy.