Should Nonprofit Organisations Have .org Websites

Should Nonprofit Organisations Have .org Websites

Should Nonprofit Organisations Have .org Websites? In order to run a successful nonprofit organisation, it’s vital to have strategic marketing and advertising in place along with an optimised website. The foundation of a successful nonprofit is an optimised website that  helps a charity find donors online through nonprofit donor search, connect with sponsors looking to find nonprofit organisations and attract volunteers looking to find a charity online. A user-friendly website improved through SEO is one of the best ways to guarantee that your nonprofit reaches its set objectives and goals.

Here we look at which domain extension would best suit your nonprofit organisation.

There are three main domains that are commonly used by nonprofits that engage in social and community services. Domain extensions such as ‘.org’, ‘.ngo’ and ‘.ong’ are used across the globe by nonprofits and charities, while most businesses ‌prefer to use ‘.com’.

Should nonprofit organisations have ‘.org’ websites? Keep reading as we compare the pros and cons of different domain extensions to help you make the best choice. 

When Should a .orgDomain Extension Be Used?

While there is nothing stopping a for-profit business from registering as a ‘.org’ website, ‘.org’ (which stands for organisation) is commonly used and associated with charities and foundations. 


When Should a ‘.com’ Domain Extension Be Used?

As with a .org extension, a .com can be used by anyone, regardless of whether it’s a for-profit or a charity, but it is most popularly used by commercial businesses. ‘.com’ (which stands for ‘commercial’) is used to host personal sites and e-commerce websites.


So should your nonprofit organisation have a ‘.org’ website? It is entirely up to you! While domain extension is not as key as choosing the correct domain name, it is still advisable to select a ‘.org’ extension when registering your nonprofit. As ‘.com’ is commonly associated with commercial businesses, your nonprofit would benefit from a ‘.org’. extension which would build more credibility and trust with potential donors and sponsors.