What Is the Main Goal of a Non Profit Organisation?

What Is the Main Goal of a Non Profit Organisation?

A non profit organisation’s purpose is quite different to that of a for-profit business that serves to create a profit for its owners. It is a legal body that operates for a collective, public, or social benefit. Furthermore, all money made or donated to a non profit is utilised to pursue the organisation’s goals and objectives.  Non-profit organisations often aim to improve the quality of life for others on a community, local, state, national, or even global scale. Continue reading to find out what is the main goal of a non profit organisation

What is the Main Purpose of a Non Profit Organisation?

A non-profit organisation might operate for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most important is to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged.  These are the most straightforward terms to describe the goal of a non-profit organisation. Let us use the coronavirus pandemic to describe the aim of a non-profit organisation. The pandemic caused significant deaths worldwide and left many unemployed, making large groups of people dependent on financial relief.  In these tumultuous times, non profit organisations are doing everything they can to help those suffering greatly due to the  COVID-19 outbreak.

A Non-profit Organisation’s Strategic Goals

The strategic objectives of a non profit organisation are focused on the services given to its target market. This entails recognising the requirements of the relevant community and designing programmes and projects to meet those needs. A non profit whose mission is to improve literacy skills among homeless children, for example, will have strategic goals. These may include implementing a programme to obtain and manage the supply of books, learning aids, space, and an instructor. Furthermore, a non profit organisation is goal-driven, which necessitates the establishment of objectives targeted at attaining the organisation’s declared mission by the management and board.


What is the main goal of a non profit organisation? It’s a topic with many aspects, but we can safely say non profits work toward the good of humanity. As governments cannot do everything to fulfil the needs of specific disadvantaged communities, non profits pursue to fill these gaps by providing help, aid and relief to those in need. 

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