Why Would Donors Give to Your Non Profit?

Why Would Donors Give to Your Non Profit?

A non profit organisation or charity wouldn’t be able to operate without the aid of sponsors, donors and well-wishers. Support from generous donors is not only limited to monetary contributions. It also comes in the form of individuals who seek remote volunteer opportunities to contribute their time, along with skilled donors looking to find charities to extend their knowledge in fields such as law, finance and marketing.  

Why Would Donors Give to Your Non Profit? 

It’s important to know the answer to this question.

Figuring out what motivates your donors to give to your non profit is essential to the success and growth of your organisation. Gaining valuable insight into what makes people contribute to a nonprofit can help you find donors online, expand your non profit donor database and help improve ongoing campaigns. 

The Feeling of Giving Back 

Helping someone, in whichever way possible, is a mood booster and can make you feel uplifted, fulfilled and inspired. There is a strong link between the joy of giving and the increase in happiness and morale. 

Trust And Credibility 

A nonprofit organisation with a credible reputation will have an influx of support and donations. Donors will gravitate toward supporting an honest, transparent and trustworthy non profit. It makes them feel safe and comfortable donating their time and money as they are assured that it is being put to good use. How can a charity or non profit build credibility?

  • providing regular updates on ongoing and upcoming programs 
  • being transparent with finances and accounting 
  • sharing progress and success stories 
  • getting donors involved with ongoing events and functions 

A Personal Connection to Your Cause 

People support causes that are close to their hearts. Giving to charity or nonprofit is a personal thing. People are motivated by their own reasons for helping. A powerful mission statement helps connect your non profit with suitable donors. 

To Set An Example

The best way to encourage and inspire people to make a positive change is by donating your time and money to charity. Generous donors set an example for their children, family and friends by helping make the world a better place. I.e. some charities and non profits have second or even third generation contributors and supporters who are keen on continuing what their parents started. 

Effective Advertising And Marketing 

As with a business, a non profit needs to implement an effective marketing campaign to create awareness and raise funds while keeping sponsors and donors up to date. Powerful and inspirational advertising material can get the attention of potential donors who will actively contribute to your cause. Using a combination of traditional advertising and social media is a great way to garner publicity for your mission and cause.